Barajul Vidraru ~ The Vidraru Dam ~

Barajul Vidraru a fost, la momentul inaugurarii, al cincilea in Europa si al noualea in lume intre constructiile similare. Este un baraj din beton cu dubla curbura realizat din 22 de ploturi verticale, avand inaltimea de 166,60 metri si o lungime la coronament de 307 metri, fiind traversat de noua galerii orizontale interioare. Constructia se sprijina pe versantii muntilor Pleasa si Vidraru, iar turbinele si generatoarele electrice ale hidrocentralei asigura o productie de energie, intr-un an hidrologic mediu, de 400 GWh/an.

Lacul de acumulare Vidraru a luat fiinta in luna martie 1966 si este amplasat pe raul Arges pe un sector de 28 km lungime. Situat intre muntii Fruntii si Ghitu, lacul aduna apele raurilor Capra, Buda si ale catorva afluenti directi (Raul Doamnei, Cernatul si Valsanul, Topologul, Valea lui Stan si Limpedea), cu un debit total de cca 5,5 m3 /s. Suprafata totala a lacului este de 393 ha, lungimea de 10,3 km, iar latimea maxima de 2,2 km in zona Valea Lupului – Calugarita. Adancimea maxima a apei este de 155 m langa barajul inalt de 166 m, iar volumul apei este de 465 milioane m3. Nivelul normal de retentie este de 830,00 metri deasupra marii (mdM).

Constructia barajului a durat cinci ani si jumatate. S-au forat 42 km de galerii subterane, s-au excavat 1.768.000 m3 de roca, din care aproximativ 1 milion m%u0142 in subteran, s-au turnat 930.000 m3 de beton, din care 400.000 m3 in subteran si s-au montat 6.300 tone de echipamente electromecanice

De asemenea, pe muntele Pleasa se afla statuia lui Prometeu cu fulgerul in mana, ca simbol al electricitatii, realizata de sculptorul Constantin Popovici. La cateva sute de metri de Baraj se afla “Casa Argeseana” si debarcaderul unde se organizeaza curse de agrement cu vaporasul. Pentru pasionatii sporturilor extreme, la baraj a fost amenajata cea mai inalta pista de lansare pentru bungee jumping.


The Vidraru Dam was built on the Arges River in 1965 being the first dam build in Romania. It’s an arch dam with high level of 166,60 m and the length of his wall is 305 m. The thickness of the dam at the bottom in 25 m and at the top 6 m. The lake, in good conditions has an area of 870 hectars and 465 milions of square meeters of water. The Vidraru Dam became the perfect place of the extreemers. Here it’s been amaneged the most high piste for bungee jumping lancing. On the summer time those who love this sport can jump with the elastic rope of 166 m . For details and reservations, call Michael Mandreanu – phone 0721 479 746 ( jumps may be made only by appointment phone ).

On the lake circulates some boats, you can ride on a cruise , you can ride with the hydrobicicle or you can rent some paddles and go fishing.

On the right side it’s a secondary paceful road DN7c but with a high deterioration risc , prefered by motocicleriders. You can arrive at this road following the tunnel that leads next to the barrage .

Weekend tourists, near the car rides near the Vidraru Dam or upper, at Balea Lake, they can go down with the snowboard or with the skyes , on the screeds of snow of he slope on the top of the balea lake. And for those that don’t have problems with the heart cand do somenting more special like: bungee jumping of the Vidraru barrage.

The Vidraru Dam made an appearance in the Series 14, Episode 1 of the BBC Motoring programme Top Gear. The three presenters had slept in their cars overnight while on their way to find the world’s best driving road in Romania and woke up in the shadow of the Vidraru Dam.

The bungee jump before the opening credits of the James bond film, Goldeneye was filmed at the Verzasca Dam in Ticino, Switzerland, not this dam, as widely believed.

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