Primavara in Romania (galerie foto) ~ Romanian Spring ~

Multumiri si felicitari fotografilor, care reusesc prin munca lor sa ne arate Romania asa cum este ea – Minunata !
All congratulations and gratitude goes to the artists photographers without whom we could not show you how beautiful Romania is! Thanks

Cornel Pufan

Adrian Petrisor

Catalin Enache

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8 comments on “Primavara in Romania (galerie foto) ~ Romanian Spring ~

      • Well, yes. Your pictures are the pictures we, in the western Europe need to see. There is too much negativity about Romania. Your blog makes a true DIFFERENCE

      • This is my goal! To change people’s perception about this place ….Romania is not an awful place, dark and creepy.It is a beautiful piece of heaven .. we have so many things to show and things to enjoy …I made this blog with no hope really ….mostly for myself, i never thought that people will actually read it. Each day I am thrilled to see how many people share my opinion,,, You Yvette.. you are a lucky person because YOU SEE all the beauty around you….unfortunately most of the Romanians are blind, and they react only when others wonder about their beautiful country.Anyway …i want to tank you and send you a big hug for doing this….:)

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